Yani Macute Photography: Toronto Based Wedding Photographers

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Our goal is to always capture and document the unique ways couples celebrate love.

We are very grateful to be able to do what we do. Photography to us, is more than just clicking the shutter. It is about how it makes people feel joy and love when looking at the photographs… and that to me, is the most rewarding feeling ever!

We’d like to think that my photographs are the beginning of an exciting story. They’re little moments that capture the pure emotion of a wedding day. We pride ourselves from capturing the perfect moments. The quiet interactions, stolen glances, laughter or tears… interesting that when people are so present they forget they are being photographed.

We don’t see ourselves as strangers working for the couple. We’d like to think that we are friends, collaborating with our couples. We never ask my couples anything that isn’t genuine. We are interested only in pure joy, smiles and sincere expressions.


Meet The Team

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Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my wedding photos?

Most of the time, you’ll receive your wedding photos within a week. However, during busy seasons, summer & fall, you’ll receive your wedding photos within 2 to 3 weeks. Your wedding photographs will be delivered to you through an online gallery where you can download the original size of the photos OR share them with family and friends through a custom USB.

How many photos will we receive?

During the wedding day, I usually take over 2000+ wedding pictures. I go through each of them, edit and choose the best ones. I always end up with 800-1000 wedding pictures. I then give all the edited pictures (800-1000) to my clients through an online gallery OR in a USB.

Where can we take our engagement photos or wedding couple photos?

It really depends on the couple.s. I’ve had couples who have very strong opinions on where they would like to take their wedding or engagement pictures because the location has a very special meaning to them. There are also some couples who are open to suggestions. I happen to have beautiful wedding locations in mind especially in Guelph and Toronto Ontario. Again, it would depend on the couples interest and personalities. For ethereal and fairytale like shoots, I would suggest the garden or the park during golden hour (sunset). For romantic movie like shoots, I would suggest to have a walk around town, visit some coffee shops and capture the pure and genuine interactions. For fun photoshoots, I would suggest to play around with paint or coloured powders.

Please keep in mind that most locations in downtown Toronto require a photography permit. However, don’t tell anyone this, but I have photographed couples, clients and models around Toronto and we were fine. We didn’t get any interruption from anybody asking for a photography permit.

How long is the engagement session?

Engagement sessions are usually 1-2 hour long. We can go to at least 2 locations to take the pictures however, I strongly recommend staying in one spot as traffic could be very bad especially downtown Toronto.

How long should we book a photographer for our wedding day?

We highly suggest booking the full day to capture every single event. Second suggest is to book at least 10 hours so you can distribute the special events on your wedding day evenly.

When should we schedule the special events (cake cutting, first dance and speeches) on the wedding day?

Make sure to schedule the special events anytime within the hours you book the photographer and the videographer so those events can be documented and included in your wedding gallery.

What is the deposit amount?

A deposit of 50% of the total quoted price must be paid upon signing of the contract to secure the date of your wedding day. When the deposit amount is paid, your wedding is secured. No other clients can book our wedding photography services on the same day.